The SuperBugs are winning. The game isn't over

The CDC estimates infections caused by drug resistance “super bugs” are on the rise and could kill as many as 10 million by 2050. Infection diseases have already skyrocketed – nearly quadrupling in the last 15 years. 

ABLE is focusing on four identified markets that create the most preventable deaths: Facemasks and Air Purification, Water Purification, Trauma Wounds, Pool & Spa Infections, and Legionella in Hot Water Systems.

  • Current facemask technology is so ineffective against Coronavirus the Surgeon General urged the public to “Stop Buying Masks”

  • The targeted markets are currently using old-school treatments that are no longer effective. For example, the CDC has identified 15 “superbugs” that are antibiotic-resistant due to resistance from overuse.

  • The only real way to prevent these diseases is to kill them in air and water before they can infect people.

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ABLELIFE's Commodity Water Purifier was patented (US 9,403,702 B1) in 2016, and we haven’t stopped improving its effectiveness. We deliver consistent, safe potable water that surpasses EPA Drinking Water standards. Our custom technologies are available for inline, undercounter, and counter purification products.


Our solutions have been proven 99.99% effective in treating Legionella pneumophila in hot and cold water systems with our Point of Entry (POE) and Point of Use (POU) MAJEC® filters. These outcomes have been verified through independent laboratory testing, intensive field studies and pilot testing generating a wealth of data validated results. 

ABLELIFE's patented MAJEC® delivery systems produce reduction/eradication for all Legionella species bacteria and all gram negative and gram positive bacterial pathogens without the need for power, adding chemicals to the water, or handling of hazardous materials. Truly an innovative, unique application that will change the water treatment industry.


The coronavirus pandemic has sent the entire world into panic. In the face of this global crisis, ABLELIFE has shifted emphasis to facemasks and air filters to stop the spread of this and other airborne infections.

Current consumer retail face masks, as well as the industrial N95 respirators, filter and collect pathogenic microorganisms as you breathe. On removal, users are vulnerable to cross contamination by contaminated filters that remain hazardous long after disposal – even in landfills. If we are going to protect individuals from airborne pathogenic microorganisms, the answer is to kill them as they are inhaled or exhaled.  Using MAJEC®treated liners, our facemasks and air filters are true pathogen killers. Our scalable, customizable applications deliver a performance that’s simply not available in the market today.  


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