"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."  

Arthur C. Clark


ABLELIFE's patent-pending, proven technology disrupts and kills the harmful microorganisms present in our water and air before they can infect humans, before they have a change to spread, mutate or develop resistance. 

Our revolutionary technology, MAJEC® is a crystalline compound infused into a polymer matrix that will not leech out, is reusable, and safe to handle. 

The technology has been tested for years across platforms and applications: protecting spas and pools, with or without free chlorine residuals; on premise plumbing cold/hot water systems (for protection against Legionnaires disease); as a bandage in protecting traumatic wounds against secondary infection; and in rending surface waters safe to drink for hikers, bikers, and campers in the wild.

We do this without electricity or waste by-product. We do it with a compound that kills pathogens by disrupting the protective membrane of the cell on contact.  

MAJEC® as a disinfecting "bug zapper" for the bugs you can’t see.  



Few things have improved the modern world like indoor plumbing – but it has also brought hidden dangers that pose an ongoing challenge to public health. Hot/Cold water systems, pools, and spas are breeding grounds for Legionella and other pathogens. 

MAJEC® stops contaminants before they can infect humans.

Unclean hot water towers produce vapors that enter the HVAC air system in buildings. Even in the best of times, people get sick. Infected fluids in human airways are projected in an unprotected cough or sneeze as water vapor or microscopic aerosols.

MAJEC® kills these airborne containments on contact.

With dressings for trauma wound care, secondary infections are stopped before they are an issue. 

MAJEC® protects wounds.

For the recreational hiker, lack of clean water in a problem. For the soldier in the field the problem is critical. In the emerging world it is a biohazard with global health consequences that are impossible to predict.

MAJEC® is a game changer.


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