ABLE is game changing technology: Developed in the Lab, designed for the Market.

ABLE's innovative compounds provide scalable solutions for eradicating deadly and harmful pathogens in our water and air – killing Legionella, HIV, and even Coronavirus.

Our technology offers solutions that are fully scalable and customizable in world where bacterial and viral “superbugs” are evolving at an alarming rate. We do this with a technology that kills pathogens dead before they can spread, mutate or develop resistance to drugs – from air and water filters to field dressings, cold/hot water systems to lakes or an unfortunate sneeze – you are safe.

In short, ABLE is a game changer.in touch today to learn more about the ABLELIFE story.



We Save Lives

ABLE offers a strategic approach to decontamination of our water and the air that we breathe that has been proven 99.99% effective at killing a host of bacteria, enveloped viruses, protozoa and molds. Infused into filters, next generation facemasks and bandages, our revolutionary compound is safe to handle, won’t leech into water or skin, requires no energy, and creates no waste by product. 

At a time of global crisis, we are changing the game on the front lines of public health  – infections have no chance to spread, and no chance to mutate.



Prevalence of Diagnosed Infectious Diseases as a Percentage of Adult Populations in Selected Countries – 2017

  • 200 million lives affected

  • Infectious diseases (water and air) have nearly quadrupled in the last 15 years

  • CDC estimates infections caused by “superbugs” could kill 10 million globally by 2050



ABLELIFE, an ATLANTA/DALLAS based company offers unique solutions to eradicate pathogenic microorganisms on a global scale. Our goal is to be the category leaders in a new industry standard that will change how we approach water and airborne contaminants.


The ABLE Foundation knows that we are all in this together. We are providing these crucial PPE facemasks to the front line of the COVID 19 outbreak.


About Better Life Experiences

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